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Dundalk Credit Union Car Draw

The Dundalk Credit Union Ltd. Members Monthly Car Draw takes place every month in the lobby of the Credit Union premises on Market Street.

The cost of participation is just €1 per week of entry. The fee is collected in a single payment annually for all participating members. This deduction is made before the next draw for which the member is eligible.

The draw runs from April to March each year with member authorisation for participation rolling over from one year to the next.

Each month, the draw prizes include a brand new car, sourced from a local garage, and cash prizes. Entry to the draw is limited to one entry per account.

Dundalk Credit Union | Car Winner

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Car & Cash Draw Winners 2023

Are you in the Car Draw? Click here for a full list of 2024 car and cash prize winners. 

Dundalk Credit Union | Cash Winner

Terms and Conditions

  • The draw commences in April each year and will continue monthly thereafter until the Board of Directors of Dundalk Credit Union Limited (hereafter called the Board of Directors) deem otherwise.
  • The entrance fee is based on the cost of €1 per week of entry to the Draw (52 weeks is €52, 26 weeks is €26 etc). The entrance fee will be deducted from shares once per annum and will be deducted in advance of the next Draw or as defi­ned from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  • The draw will be non-profi­t making and any surplus funds will be disposed of by way of extra draws.
  • The make and type of the car will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Cash will not be given in lieu.
  • The Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers of Dundalk Credit Union Limited will not be liable for any defects, or otherwise found in a vehicle supplied.
  • Participation in the draw is limited to eligible members of Dundalk Credit Union Limited and they must be over 18 years of age on or before the Draw date. Eligible members are living members over and including the age of 18 with an active account, a share balance of at least €1.  Staff and volunteers of Dundalk Credit Union, having ful­filled the above criteria as eligible members, will be eligible to enter the Draw.
  • Members must maintain a share balance of at least €1 to remain eligible for the Draw. Failing to do so will result in removal from the Draw with forfeiture of the remaining entrance fee.
  • Winning members will be noti­fied personally by telephone and by post where these contact details are available.
  • Winner names and photographs may be published in the local media and displayed in the Credit Union Offices.
  • All draws will be held publicly in the Credit Union offices at the end of each month under the supervision of either the Head of Risk or Head of Compliance.
  • Entry to the Car Draw is limited to one entry per account. In the case of entries in respect of joint accounts, the joint names will be entered in the draw and if successful, the prize will be awarded in the joint names of the account holders. Where the entrant is a group account the prize will be awarded to the group’s signatories on behalf of the group.
  • A Register of entrants will be maintained at the Credit Union offices.
  • Authorisation for inclusion in the draw must be completed prior to participation and no entry is valid unless full fees are paid and credited in advance.
  • Financial accounts at each year end will be audited by the auditor and presented at the A.G.M.
  • All eligible members can elect to participate in the draw ONLY if written authorisation is received or delivered to the Credit Union.
  • In the event of the winning member being in default or arrears of any ­financial commitment to the Credit Union, the delivery of the car or other prizes may be delayed until such default is rectifi­ed and, if necessary, the car or other prize may be disposed of in order to meet such commitments and the net proceeds, if any, paid to the winner.
  • The decision of the Board of Directors of Dundalk Credit Union Limited concerning the foregoing rules and changes to same or any matter arising from the monthly draw will be final and not subject to appeal.

Car & Cash Draw – Cease Participation

If you wish to cease participating in the Members’ Monthly Car & Cash Draw before the new Car Draw year, please click here to submit your request.

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