Why save with us?

Build the Habit

When you become a regular saver, you build a habit for life. This habit will not only build you a fund you can fall back on but it will develop good budgeting and financial habits


Your savings are guaranteed, up to a maximum of €100,000 under the Government Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

Help the Community

When you save with a Credit Union your savings become part of a pool of funds which supports giving loans to you and you fellow members. These loans in turn support the payment of dividends and loan interest rebates.

Life Insurance

The Credit Union operates a Life Savings Insurance scheme, which means that extra funds can be paid out to a beneficiary in the event of a members death. Subject to terms and conditions.

What type of account is for you?

Single Account

If you want to open an account just for yourself.

Joint Account

If you want to open account with another person.

Minor Account

To help your children start saving early.

Join the Credit Union

Collect together the needed documentation.

You'll need some photo ID, proof of address, proof of PPS number. See the Memerbship page for more details.

Drop in to our office.

Our staff will process your application quickly and get you signed up.

Start availing of our services.

We have a wide range of services available for all our members.

What do our members say

The EFT services are so useful in the Credit Union. I can make and receive electronic payments to anywhere in Europe from the counter or from the Online Accounts.

I love coming in to Dundalk Credit Union because you get to deal with real people instead of having to use a machine. The service is always fast and friendly.

I applied for a loan thinking it may take a while to get a decision but the application was approved straight away and I had the funds in my account minutes later. I was delighted.

I got my car loan from Dundalk Credit Union because their rate was one of the best around. This meant I saved money and my repayments were really easy to manage.

For more information call 042 93 35489