Car Loans

Whether you’re a first time driver or buying that dream car, we can get you on the road.

Home Improvement

With a Credit Union loan there's no job to big or too small.


Jetting off for a break has never been easier or more affordable.

Wedding loans

That long term commitment can be paid for with a short term commitment with our wedding loans


Make the smart choice and pay for full time or part time studies with our flexible loans.

Personal loans

For any other borrowing needs we have our wide ranging personal loans.

The Loan Application Process

How much do you want to borrow.

Use our loan calculator to see how much you want to borrow at what repayments

Download an application or call in.

You can download a loan application form from this website or call in to the office to start the process. You'll also need to provide some documents.

Loan Approval

Our team will assess your loan and give you a decision as soon as possible.

Member Benefits

Low cost loans

Credit Union loans are some of the lowest cost loans available.

Flexible Repayments

You can tailor your repayments to suit your needs by adjusting the repayment periods, durations and amounts.

No Early Repayment Charges

If you need to or wish to repay your loan early we won't charge you a fee.

Supporting the Movement

Every time you borrow from the Credit Union you support the movement and your fellow members.

For loan enquires you can ring our freephone number 1800 8100 70