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DkIT Annual Dorothy Macardle Humanities Lecture

by Dundalk Credit Union , 06th June 2023


Dundalk Credit Union is proud to support the Annual DkIT Dorothy Macardle Humanities Lecture.

The inaugural lecture took place on the 25th April 2023 in the Whitaker Theatre, DkIT,  with eminent historians, Dr. Elaine Farrell and Dr. Leanne McCormick, authors of the recent bestselling book, Bad Bridget: Crime, Mayhem and the Lives of Irish Emigrant Women, as the guest speakers.

Dorothy Macardle, born in Dundalk in 1889, was a teacher, political activist, successful novelist, playwright, critic, historian and social campaigner for women’s and children’s rights, with a particular interest in refugees.

It is hoped each year that a  leading academic will visit DkIT to present a public lecture for students and faculty based on a theme related to Macardle’s many interests but in the general humanities area, with a focus on identity, place and community.

Dr Farrell and Dr McCormick’s book is based on their popular podcast, Bad Bridget, which aims to recover the lives of deviant Irish women who travelled to America and Canada during the nineteenth and early twentieth century, with a focus on New York, Boston, and Toronto.

Dr. Elaine Farrell and Dr. Leanne McCormick

Members of DkIT Department of Humanities with Mark Toner and Megan Hughes, Dundalk Credit Union.

Mark Toner (COO Dundalk Credit Union), Frankie Watters (Director Dundalk Credit Union), Dr. Elaine Farrell, Dr. Leanne McCormick, Dr Patricia Moriarity (Head of School of Business and Humanities DkIT), Dr Fiona Fearon (Department of Humanities DkIT), Dr Annaleigh Margey (Head of Department, Humanities, DkIT)