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by Dundalk Credit Union , 24th June 2019


S.N.A.P. | Special Needs Active Parents


An in-depth look at the inspiration, motivation and driving forces behind some of the organisations supported by Dundalk Credit Union’s Community Support Fund in 2019.

S.N.A.P. – Special Needs Active Parents’ vision for the future is to be a positive family focused group, recognised nationally for providing and ensuring better services, support, activities and information in the pursuit of happy children and supported families.

Having a child with special needs can, initially, be a frightening and lonely space. S.N.A.P. offer support for each other as they are all families with children who have special needs. Their promise is simple “We don’t have all the answers, but we may be able to help and WE CAN offer support. Together we are stronger!”

S.N.A.P. was initially set up after a group of parents enquired about organising swimming lessons for children with Special Needs back in June 2004. The H.S.E. funded two swimming programmes and they proved extremely popular and successful. From this beginning, the parents recognised the need and strength of coming together regularly to explore new ideas and begin to fundraise to finance their ideas. now a thriving, vibrant and proactive support group that has grown steadily over the last 15 years.

Activities have fun as their focus, Lego Club, Music Therapy, Speech & Drama, Multi Activity Summer Holiday Camps, Cinema Visits being just a sample of what S.N.A.P. offer. The SNA group SNAIL is a tremendous partner of S.N.A.P., organising and supervising many outings throughout the year.

Fiona Thornton, spokesperson for S.N.A.P. said “we recognise the need to include and care for the brothers and sisters of children with special needs, offering one to one supports and workshops. Unintentionally, siblings can feel left behind at times as caring for a child with special needs takes up all the parents’ resources and energy. With the support of Dundalk Credit Union, we can put these ideas into practice this year.”

Fiona Thornton, spokesperson for S.N.A.P.
Billy Doyle, CEO, Dundalk Credit Union donation to S.N.A.P.

Billy Doyle, CEO, Dundalk Credit Union added “Dundalk Credit Union are delighted to S.N.A.P. extend their fantastic supports and services to include and involve family members. At Dundalk Credit Union, we work hard to listen to and offer what our members need and we recognise that in S.N.A.P too. We wish the parents, children and their siblings every happiness for the coming year. Together, we are indeed stronger.

Contact S.N.A.P.

If you would like to contact S.N.A.P about any of their supports and upcoming events, email Follow S.N.A.P. on Facebook for regular updates.

S.N.A.P.’s Annual Fundraising Table Quiz takes place Friday, 12th April in The Lisdoo, your support is much appreciated.