Dundalk Youth Centre

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by Dundalk Credit Union , 24th June 2019


Dundalk Youth Centre

Dundalk Youth Centre

An in-depth look at the inspiration, motivation and driving forces behind some of the organisations supported by Dundalk Credit Union’s Community Support Fund in 2019.

Dundalk Youth Centre is located in the heart of our town, looking after our young people. The vision of Dundalk Youth Centre is to create a supportive social space where young people in our community are welcomed and valued. Dundalk Youth Centre has a full range of facilities dedicated to helping young people work, relax and play in a safe and supervised environment.

The Youth Centre has a vibrant and welcoming Youth Café, a wide range of creative workshops, training and leadership development courses, a long-established Peer Education Drugs Awareness Programme, and dedicated performance, mediation and art spaces. Not confined to the four walls, a well-tended and inviting garden is a much used and fun space when the Irish weather lets the sunshine through.

Dundalk Youth Centre also offers professional counselling, information support services and creative therapies that can help young people deal with such things as loss and addiction.

Kevin Moran, spokesperson for Dundalk Youth Centre said “With the support of Dundalk Credit Union, we can continue our work with Dundalk’s young people by extending the opening hours of our Youth Café. It is important that we offer somewhere that feels safe and secure, a place to express, just to be and find their voice.”

The Youth Centre
Paddy Donnelly, Chairman, Dundalk Credit Union

Paddy Donnelly, Chairman, Dundalk Credit Union added “The staff and volunteers at Dundalk’s Youth Centre don’t just work in the community, they work tirelessly for our community, making a real difference to the everyday lives and opportunities of our young people. At Dundalk Credit Union the dedication and focus of the staff and volunteers to providing a holistic approach to youth development was obvious. We are delighted to support the continued great work of Dundalk’s Youth Centre.”

Contact Dundalk Youth Centre

If you would like to contact Dundalk Youth Centre about any of their supports and upcoming events, call 042 9329532 or email info@dundalkyouthcentre.ie.