Dundalk Simon Community

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by Dundalk Credit Union , 24th June 2019


Dundalk Simon Community

Dundalk Simon Community

An in-depth look at the inspiration, motivation and driving forces behind some of the organisations supported by Dundalk Credit Union’s Community Support Fund in 2019.

Dundalk Simon is a non-profit, registered charitable organisation located in Dundalk. They provide safe, supportive shelter and services for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The reach of Dundalk Simon includes Louth, Monaghan and Cavan.

Dundalk Simon was founded on January 31st 1973, beginning with a soup run. In September 1973, a small two room premises on Francis Street was opened as a Friendship Centre, providing an evening meal and a social space for Dundalk’s homeless.

Now over 40 years later, Dundalk Simon has expanded its services to include a 30 Bed Hostel, 5 long-term beds and 12 transitional homes.

Their Day Centre in Seatown houses all administrative staff and offers a comprehensive Activities Programme includes gardening, furniture restoration and art classes. Service users can also avail of a hot meal, watch TV, use a computer or just socialise. An important element of The Day Centre is the provision of an aftercare base for people who have left the service or those vulnerable in our community who may be lonely and in need of company.

Yvonne Carr, Dundalk Simon said “At Dundalk Simon we need to nurture the health and wellbeing of our service users just as much as dealing with the immediate issues that homelessness presents. With the help of the Dundalk Credit Union we can invest in items like starter packs for tenants moving from emergency accommodation to transition housing, all working towards successful independence for those in our care.”

Dundalk Simon Community is part subsidised by state funding. The Simon Shop on Yorke Street is the biggest source of income for Dundalk Simon Community after state funding. The shop is opened throughout the week, staffed by a team of volunteers and community workers. All monies raised from the shop go directly to help service users.

Dundalk Simon relies heavily on fundraising and the goodwill of our community. Upcoming fundraising events include Dundalk Simon Community’s Quiz Night in the Century Bar at 8pm on Friday, 17th May. Table of four is €40, music, prizes and a raffle on the night. The Annual Church Gate Collection, which is a huge fundraising event nationally, takes place across all churches in Louth on Saturday, 8th June and Sunday, 9th June 2019.

Tom D’Arcy, Director, Dundalk Credit Union said “Our Brand Manifesto includes the line ‘We care about you and what’s best for you’, we see that mirrored by the staff and volunteers at Dundalk Simon Community. Homelessness is a nationwide issue and with the support of Dundalk Credit Union, Dundalk Simon Community is helping someone move up, from a temporary bed to more independent living.”

Contact Dundalk Simon

If you would like to speak to anyone about any of the services provided by Dundalk Simon Community, please phone 042 933 9583.

Annette McCann, Dundalk Credit Union, Vivienne McGrath, Pamela O’Hare and Yvonne Carr, Dundalk Simon Community

Annette McCann, Dundalk Credit Union, Vivienne McGrath, Pamela O’Hare and Yvonne Carr, Dundalk Simon Community