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by Dundalk Credit Union , 24th June 2019


St Vincent de Paul – Dundalk

An in-depth look at the inspiration, motivation and driving forces behind some of the organisations supported by Dundalk Credit Union’s Community Support Fund in 2019.

This month marks the 175th year of service of the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Ireland.

President Higgins, at their recent Annual Convention in Dublin, praised the work of the Society of St Vincent de Paul which he described as “an exceptional network of solidarity with poorer people across Ireland.”

Dundalk’s Society of St Vincent de Paul has had a presence in the town for almost all of those 175 years. Today they have upwards of 100 volunteers working behind the scenes with compassion and sensitivity to respond to those seeking their help.

A team of volunteers offer direct, personal assistance that is non-judgemental and based on the need of the individual or family. Supports can include friendship and advice, help with money issues, information about other services that might be of help, advocating with other support organisations and also negotiating with organisations where monies may be owed.

In addition, they provide a wide range of services for vulnerable people through Dundalk’s SVP shops on Clanbrassil Street, Jocelyn Street and Castletown Road, local offices, shops, resource centres, social housing, daycare and holiday schemes amongst other things.

SVP Daycare services support older people to continue to live independently in their own homes and communities, with a range of social and health supports. Services include cooked meals, social and recreational activities, self-care services such as showering and laundry facilities.

Kevin Mulligan, Area President, Dundalk says of the commitment of their volunteers “In some cases volunteers have been with the Society for much of their lives, and in many cases, at great personal sacrifice, for at times they ignore the infirmity the comes with age, and at times sickness, to attend their weekly meetings so that they can undertake the necessary visitations. The volunteers respond to these demands with great compassion, dedication and trust. They are ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.”

Billy Doyle, CEO, Dundalk Credit Union added “At Dundalk Credit Union we recognise the continuing and compassionate work of Dundalk’s Society of St Vincent de Paul. An established and trusted friend of Dundalk and its wider community, we feel a shared ethos of working hard for our community and what it needs.

Martin Hardy, Dundalk Credit Union, Kevin Mulligan, SVP and Martina O’Callaghan, Dundalk Credit Union

Martin Hardy, Dundalk Credit Union, Kevin Mulligan, SVP and Martina O’Callaghan, Dundalk Credit Union

Easter Egg Appeal Success

Due to the kind generosity of the staff in Intact, UHY Farrelly Dawe White and Irish Life, together with Dundalk Credit Union members and staff, Dundalk Credit Union was able to give a large number of Easter Eggs to Dundalk’s SVP, St Patrick’s Parish Soup Kitchen and Dundalk’s Women’s Aid.

Contact Dundalk’s Society of St Vincent de Paul

If you would like to speak to anyone about any of the services provided by Society of St Vincent de Paul, you can contact them via SVP Dundalk’s Facebook, online at www.svp.ie or 042 9339056/9334460/