Peer Ed Programme

Peer Ed Programme


Dundalk Credit Union, Louth GAA and Louth Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) announced the launch of the Louth Peer Education Programme on Tuesday June 18th, to a packed audience at Louth GAA Centre of Excellence, Darver.   The Louth Peer Education Programme will deliver a comprehensive peer-to-peer substance use education programme to young people in all secondary schools in Co. Louth, commencing in October 2019.   The Louth Peer Education Programme will empower young people to be more informed about the harmful effects of substance use and will enhance their ability to make informed and healthy choices.   The Programme will be delivered by IE Programmes, on behalf of the North Eastern Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force.

Running in all secondary schools in Co. Louth, this innovative Programme will see a number of TY or Fifth Year students in each school receive specialised training between October and December 2019.  On completion of this training, the Peer Educators liaise with their SPHE teachers, and schedule delivery of four SPHE Substance Use classes to first years in their respective schools and to 6th class pupils of feeder primary schools where possible from January to June 2020.   The classes will cover several related topics including self-esteem, peer pressure, smoking, alcohol, drug information and education.

This Peer Education Programme is an added resource to teachers and ensures that the Substance Misuse Module of SPHE curriculum is delivered within schools in a consistent manner and meets the National Quality Standards in Substance Use Education, as set by the Dept. of Education & Skills.   The Programme also meets SPHE guidelines which recommend that student-to student methodology can be a more effective element of a substance use module in SPHE, as specially trained peers or older students can have greater impact and credibility.

The Programme is jointly funded by Dundalk Credit Union, Louth GAA and Louth LCDC (Local Community Development Committee), and is being coordinated by Andy Ogle, Regional Co-ordinator for the North East Drugs & Alcohol Task Force.   Funding for this program had previously been available from both the NE-RDATF and HSE budgets, but this was constrained in recent years.    Dundalk Credit Union has been instrumental in re-igniting the program, providing support through its Community Support Fund, and worked with its community partners, Louth GAA, and Louth LCDC, to support the delivery of this hugely important program to the secondary school students of Co. Louth.

Dundalk Credit Union CEO Billy Doyle said “This is a great example of Dundalk Credit Union really delivering against our purpose of “building a stronger, more sustainable community”.   The wellbeing and education of our young people is vital and we are delighted to have played a pivotal role in having the programme re-introduced in all secondary schools in Co. Louth.”

Des Halpenny, Chairperson Louth GAA said “The Louth Peer Education Programme is hugely important, and will complement our Healthy Club and Heath & Wellbeing initiatives.   This, in addition to the Future Leaders programme, and our games and coaching links, further enhances our presence in our Post Primary Schools.  We are pleased to be part of making this important initiative happen in Co. Louth.”

Mary Deery, Louth County Council, said “We are very pleased to see the re-introduction of this important education and wellbeing initiative in our secondary schools; the need to enable our young people face and deal with pressures and challenges with regard to substance use has never been greater, and we are grateful to Dundalk Credit Union and Louth GAA for making this Programme possible.”

Pictured at Peer Ed Programme launch (left to right): Roisin Smith (Representative Affairs & Member Support Manager, CUDA), Billy Doyle (CEO Dundalk Credit Union), Samantha Teather (Information and Education Programmes), Liam Reilly (Cathaoirleach Louth County Council), Mary Deery (Louth County Council), Des Halpenny (Chairman Louth GAA)

Louth School Girls League

Louth School Girls League 2019

Dundalk Credit Union is delighted to support the Louth School Girls League 2019.

Louth School Girls League is Louth’s girls only football league, for all young aspiring football players out there, who love the sport and want the opportunity to play it.

The Louth School Girls League Blitz in aid of Barretstown took place on Saturday 8th June at the Dundalk Sports Centre and it was a wonderful event for all participating players, their families & supporters. Ireland player Emily Whelan presented the players with bespoke medals, the LSGL Cup and LSGL shield, proudly sponsored by Dundalk Credit Union. Sharon Clinton (Dundalk Credit Union Board of Directors) presented Ireland player Emily Whelan with the LSGL Cup and Shield.

If you would like more information on the Louth School Girls League you can follow them on social media to keep updated on all upcoming events email

Innovation Workshop

One Day Innovation Workshop for Teenagers

Dundalk Credit Union is delighted to sponsor a One Day Innovation Workshop for Teenagers in association with Foróige and The Mill Drogheda’s Enterprise Hub.

The purpose of the Innovation Day is to develop young people’s knowledge about entrepreneurship, encouraging young people to think critically about the modern world we live in, the challenges people face and what potential solutions could be identified to overcome these challenges.

The workshop is taking place on Wednesday 31st July from 10am – 4pm and is available to teenagers aged between 12 – 17 years old.

A great workshop to have on your bucket list for summer! Make new friends while developing new skills and learning something useful for your future career.
You can register now at:

Louth Business Awards

Louth Business Awards

At the annual Louth Business Awards, Dundalk Credit Union was honoured and privileged to receive a Special Award for ‘Outstanding Community Impact’ in recognition of the significant and ongoing role it has played in the community over the last 50 years.

A leader in our community, Dundalk Credit Union continues to foster and to build community strength and sustainability at a local and regional level through its Community Partnerships; its generosity towards so many voluntary and charitable organisations, and the invaluable support it provides to a range of worthwhile cultural, community & economic projects, contributes immensely to the well-being of the community and local economy.

Accepting the award Paddy Donnelly, Chairman of Dundalk Credit Union, said “This award is a fitting tribute to the vision, creativity and imagination of the founders of Dundalk Credit Union 50 years ago, and the unstinting efforts of successive Boards of Directors and staff over the years since. We place great importance on giving back to our community because we believe that by doing so, we build a stronger, more sustainable community. It’s what we have always done and what we will continue to do in the future.”

Táin March Festival – June 2019

Táin March Festival 2019

Dundalk Credit Union were proud to support the Táin March Festival 2019. The Táin March Festival ran from the 14th May to the 2nd June 2019, over a period of 3 phases.

The Táin March itself is the physical act of walking from the Rathcroghan site in Roscommon all the way to Cooley in County Louth. This takes place over three weekends and 12 walking days in total. Through fields, over mountains and wading through streams the marchers follow Queens Maeve’s route in pursuit of the Brown Bull of Cooley.

At key towns and villages along the route the local community organises events, receptions and parades to welcome the Marchers. The Táin March Festival also includes an education programme that focuses on schools and youth projects and takes the form of half day workshops that introduce the key characters, explain the story, link the story to the local community and most importantly the children have lots of fun.

The Táin March Festival arrived at the Market Square in Dundalk on Saturday 1st June, to a great welcome from the local community  who enjoyed watching re-enactments of some of the battle scenes from the story of Táin Bó Cúailnge, provided by Dundalk’s M.A.D Youth Theatre who really brought the story to life.

The final day of the festival saw the Táin March arrive at it’s final destination in Cooley, where the local community gathered to welcome the marchers and join in the festivities!

For more information on the Táin March Festival see:



An in-depth look at the inspiration, motivation and driving forces behind some of the organisations supported by Dundalk Credit Union’s Community Support Fund in 2019.

S.N.A.P. – Special Needs Active Parents’ vision for the future is to be a positive family focused group, recognised nationally for providing and ensuring better services, support, activities and information in the pursuit of happy children and supported families.

Having a child with special needs can, initially, be a frightening and lonely space. S.N.A.P. offer support for each other as they are all families with children who have special needs. Their promise is simple “We don’t have all the answers, but we may be able to help and WE CAN offer support. Together we are stronger!”

S.N.A.P. was initially set up after a group of parents enquired about organising swimming lessons for children with Special Needs back in June 2004. The H.S.E. funded two swimming programmes and they proved extremely popular and successful. From this beginning, the parents recognised the need and strength of coming together regularly to explore new ideas and begin to fundraise to finance their ideas. now a thriving, vibrant and proactive support group that has grown steadily over the last 15 years.

Activities have fun as their focus, Lego Club, Music Therapy, Speech & Drama, Multi Activity Summer Holiday Camps, Cinema Visits being just a sample of what S.N.A.P. offer. The SNA group SNAIL is a tremendous partner of S.N.A.P., organising and supervising many outings throughout the year.

Fiona Thornton, spokesperson for S.N.A.P. said “we recognise the need to include and care for the brothers and sisters of children with special needs, offering one to one supports and workshops. Unintentionally, siblings can feel left behind at times as caring for a child with special needs takes up all the parents’ resources and energy. With the support of Dundalk Credit Union, we can put these ideas into practice this year.”

Billy Doyle, CEO, Dundalk Credit Union added “Dundalk Credit Union are delighted to S.N.A.P. extend their fantastic supports and services to include and involve family members. At Dundalk Credit Union, we work hard to listen to and offer what our members need and we recognise that in S.N.A.P too. We wish the parents, children and their siblings every happiness for the coming year. Together, we are indeed stronger.

Contact S.N.A.P.

If you would like to contact S.N.A.P about any of their supports and upcoming events, email Follow S.N.A.P. on Facebook for regular updates.

S.N.A.P.’s Annual Fundraising Table Quiz takes place Friday, 12th April in The Lisdoo, your support is much appreciated.

Dundalk Youth Centre

Dundalk Youth Centre

An in-depth look at the inspiration, motivation and driving forces behind some of the organisations supported by Dundalk Credit Union’s Community Support Fund in 2019.

Dundalk Youth Centre is located in the heart of our town, looking after our young people. The vision of Dundalk Youth Centre is to create a supportive social space where young people in our community are welcomed and valued. Dundalk Youth Centre has a full range of facilities dedicated to helping young people work, relax and play in a safe and supervised environment.

The Youth Centre has a vibrant and welcoming Youth Café, a wide range of creative workshops, training and leadership development courses, a long-established Peer Education Drugs Awareness Programme, and dedicated performance, mediation and art spaces. Not confined to the four walls, a well-tended and inviting garden is a much used and fun space when the Irish weather lets the sunshine through.

Dundalk Youth Centre also offers professional counselling, information support services and creative therapies that can help young people deal with such things as loss and addiction.

Kevin Moran, spokesperson for Dundalk Youth Centre said “With the support of Dundalk Credit Union, we can continue our work with Dundalk’s young people by extending the opening hours of our Youth Café. It is important that we offer somewhere that feels safe and secure, a place to express, just to be and find their voice.”

Paddy Donnelly, Chairman, Dundalk Credit Union added “The staff and volunteers at Dundalk’s Youth Centre don’t just work in the community, they work tirelessly for our community, making a real difference to the everyday lives and opportunities of our young people. At Dundalk Credit Union the dedication and focus of the staff and volunteers to providing a holistic approach to youth development was obvious. We are delighted to support the continued great work of Dundalk’s Youth Centre.”

Contact Dundalk Youth Centre

If you would like to contact Dundalk Youth Centre about any of their supports and upcoming events, call 042 9329532 or email

Dundalk Womens Aid

Dundalk Womens Aid

An in-depth look at the inspiration, motivation and driving forces behind some of the organisations supported by Dundalk Credit Union’s Community Support Fund in 2019.

Women’s Aid Dundalk is an organisation which supports women and children who are/have experienced domestic violence. Refuge accommodation and support is available to women and their children on a round the clock basis, offering a listening ear, non-judgemental advice and assistance where and when it is needed and wanted.

Ann Larkin, Women’s Aid Dundalk said “Women’s Aid Dundalk seeks to work towards the elimination of violence against women and their children in their own homes. Such violence occurs due to women’s unequal position in society, and is a violation of women’s human rights”

The staff run awareness and support groups within our community, programmes include “This is Me” and “The Power to Change”. Their secondary school awareness workshop “Expect Respect”, is successfully helping young people to think about the relationships in their lives, the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship and if necessary, the help that is available to them while “Safe Hands” is a programme for primary schools.

Additional services include, 24 Hour Helpline, 1-2-1 Support Sessions, Outreach Clinics, Supported Housing, Advocacy & Accompaniment, Drop in Court Clinic, Awareness Raising and Training.

“The Playroom Project” is a full time community crèche and also provides Child Support, Play Therapy, Life Story Work and 1-2-1 Direct Work with young people.

“No. 11 Accessible”, is Women’s Aid Dundalk’s Charity Shop, which sells pre-owned (& loved) women’s, and children’s clothes, toys and equipment. While an important social enterprise element to the organisation, the charity shop also provides information on the domestic violence support services available to women and children in the community.

The not for profit organisation relies heavily on its wider community to support its much-needed work and supports.

Bernadette Farrell, Vice-Chairperson, Dundalk Credit Union added “When we were reviewing our Community Support recipients for this year, we knew instantly that Women’s Aid Dundalk were champions of our community in Dundalk. They work tirelessly and without judgment to support those in crisis. We wish the staff and service users every good wish for the future.”

Contact Women’s Aid Dundalk

For more information on Women’s Aid Dundalk visit or contact the 24-hour helpline on 042-9333244 or on their Facebook page.

Turas Counselling Services Ltd.

Turas Counselling Services Ltd.

An in-depth look at the inspiration, motivation and driving forces behind some of the organisations supported by Dundalk Credit Union’s Community Support Fund in 2019.

Founded in 2005, Turas Counselling Services Ltd, Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk, provides a range of supports to individuals within our community who are experiencing problematic substance use including a recently launched 20 week Structured Day Programme for recovering alcohol and drug users, Community Based Alcohol Detox, Counselling Service, Outreach Support, Family Support and Women for Sobriety Groups.

Turas Counselling has a skilled, accredited and experienced team, including trained counsellors, facilitators and outreach workers who support the delivery of a range of services to Dundalk and its wider community.

Through the provision of psychological, emotional and practical supports, Turas hopes to provide a bridge to reconnect service users to a substance free lifestyle. The centre has provided supports and therapy to many within our community since it opened its doors in 2005.

Speaking about their most recent addition, the 20-week Structured day programme, Nicki Jordan, Manager “The staff are highly experienced in working with addiction and this programme will create a space for people to build up vital life skills such as self-reflection and awareness, assertiveness, stress management and also give them the confidence to link into community supports in terms of employment and education.

It is through building up resilience and self-confidence that people begin to realise their own worth and make different choices, leading to improvements in their life.’

Billy Doyle, CEO, Dundalk Credit Union added “At Dundalk Credit Union our purpose is to build a stronger, more sustainable community, and we believe passionately in people. The commitment and expertise of the team at Turas ensures that those most fragile and in need within our community get the supports and assistance they require to rebuild a healthy lifestyle. We are delighted to support the continued great work of Turas Counselling.”

Contact Turas Counselling

If you would like to contact Turas Counselling telephone 042 93 38221 / 042 93 38224 or email

St Patrick Soup Kitchen


An in-depth look at the inspiration, motivation and driving forces behind some of the organisations supported by Dundalk Credit Union’s Community Support Fund in 2019.

St. Patrick’s Parish Soup Kitchen was opened twenty years ago by Fr. Gerry Tremer, the then Administrator of St. Patrick’s Parish. A homeless man had been found dead on the street in Dundalk and this shocked the whole community. St. Patrick’s Parish Soup Kitchen was opened as a direct response to this tragedy; a means of support to those in need and for Dundalk’s homeless. Today you will find a dedicated team of volunteers providing a warm meal, a kind word and a feeling of welcome from the front door, 7 days a week.

St. Patrick’s Parish Soup Kitchen is opened Monday to Saturday 7pm-8pm and Sunday 4pm-5pm. People come for different reasons, some for a hot meal, some for shelter and some for conversation, this might be their only company all day or perhaps all week. People can also let one of the team know if they need fresh clothes or bedding and a voucher is quietly organised for them to use at The Dundalk Simon Shop. St. Patrick’s Parish Soup Kitchen goes way beyond just a meal, it is a helping hand, a listening ear and a social hub.

Rose Bailey, a stalwart team member for over 15 years, says of St. Patrick’s Parish Soup Kitchen “we all say here, ‘there for the grace of God go I’ and it is so true. Year on year, our number of users has grown and the demand remains high. When it began almost 20 years ago, we gave out 20 food parcels a week, today sees a minimum of 150 parcels each week. The support of Dundalk Credit Union and its Community Support Fund means that we have a working budget for the year ahead, something that allows us to plan with some certainty. They also have supported us at key times during the year, for example Christmas’s St Patrick’s Cathedral Marbhna Requiem which gave us funds to make Christmas special for a lot of people.

With the loss of Authentic Foods to Dundalk, St Patrick’s Parish Soup Kitchen are actively looking for a business to supply or indeed sponsor frozen meals, a staple of the weekly food parcel. Rose Bailey says “we rely heavily on the goodwill of Dundalk and its people. The team welcomes food donations; items in constant demand include pasta, pasta sauce, tea, sugar and rice pudding.”

Katie Bailey, St John of God’s Dundalk Hub, brings Finola, Conor, Jimmy and Michael every Friday to help out. These volunteers are much treasured and much needed. Anyone who feels they could spare a few hours every week is welcome and can contact Rose directly at the number below. It is essential for safety and security that every volunteer is Garda vetted.

Pictured – Back row L 2 R Mary, Jimmy, Katie Bailey, Megan Hughes, Front row Niall, Rose Bailey, Conor & Finola

Billy Doyle, CEO, Dundalk Credit Union added “At Dundalk Credit Union, we believe in giving you our best, so you can be your best; putting people first can change peoples’ lives. That sentiment of care and compassion resonated with us about St Patrick’s Parish Soup Kitchen and the work of their team. We are honoured to support the continued and much needed work of St Patrick’s Parish Soup Kitchen.”

Dundalk Credit Union held an Easter Egg Appeal this year for local business businesses and individuals to donate Easter Eggs, ensuring every child in Dundalk received an egg at Easter. One of the beneficiaries of the drive was St. Patrick’s Parish Soup Kitchen.

If you are thinking of fundraising on behalf of St Patrick’s Soup Kitchen, please contact Rose or a member ahead of the event. This gives time to promote your event of their Facebook Page and get the word out to Dundalk and its wider community to support your event.

Contact St Patrick’s Soup Kitchen

If you would like to contact St Patrick’s Parish Soup Kitchen telephone 042 9334648, 086 3718194 or email